Pining for the Fjords

January 13, 2012 in Personal | Comments (0)

Despite how it may seem upon casual inspection, my blog isn't dead.  Recently someone asked me why it is that I don't blog much any more, since my last update to this site was more than half a year ago.  I haven't given up blogging, necessarily. I just find that I don't really need it right now.

I'm sure most of you already know this, but for almost two years now I've been podcasting on a regular basis. It started with a simple, bi-weekly show called The Tightwad Tech, where my co-host Shawn and I discussed our unique methods for stretching a tight technology budget in a small, rural school.  To date we've produced more than 90 episodes of The Tightwad Tech and have had the amazing privilidge of interviewing world-famous authors, CEOs of major corporations, and many hard-working, talented, dedicated education professionals.  The show, which is now a weekly publication, is downloaded by thousands of people every week, with the numbers growing steadily.

Shawn and I so enjoyed doing the show, that we began to produce others, and in the summer of 2011 formed a media production company called Element Opie Productions to produce and distribute our growing catalog of weekly Internet radio shows.  As of right now, I'm "on the air" an average of about ten hours a week, pontificating, plying my often sardonic wit, learning from brilliant people, and just generally having a whole lot of fun.  I love what I'm doing, and hope that, in time, it can become my full-time occupation.

One side-effect of all this podcasting is that I don't really need to blog any more.  My blog has always been a place to codify my thoughts in writing, to share my observations, to entertain, to inspire.  In short, it's been my verbal playground for all these years.  Now I do all of that and more while behind a microphone.  I'm sure that, from time to time, there will be things that I just have to write- thoughts that can't be made complete until I write and then read them, and those will surely bring me back to the comfort of my blog and my first love; prose.

In the mean time, if you want to find out what's going on in my life, what thoughts are rumbling through my mind, what's breaking my heart, what's making me giggle like a schoolgirl, then pop on over to and listen in.  If you're already familiar with podcasting, you can subscribe to our shows and have them delivered to your phone, MP3 player, or computer automatically.  If not, don't worry about it.  Each show has a nice, friendly "play button" right on the Web page.  Visit the site, click play, and (hopefully) enjoy.

As always, I covet your feedback.  Let me know what you think.  What's good?  What could be better? What would you like to hear us talk about in the future.  Feel free to leave a comment here on my blog, on the Element Opie Web site, or on Twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for reading, listening, and just generally being a part of my life!